Field Testing of ZM5

The design of the ZM5 has been a twelve-month extensive modelling and testing program to fine tune the design.

We were confident of our results however just wanted existing customers to provide practical in use testing.

Before putting the ZM5 into production we had three existing customers run a ZM5 in parallel with their existing ZM4.

One user who has run a ZM4 for 5 years provided photos of the comparison between the two units

See attached photos of a test with battery bank at 88% state of charge.

ZM4 performance 31.1 amps

ZM5 performance 30% increase on ZM4

We also performed a test on a stock standard BOSCH 12v 120amp alternator,see image below

The above image of the standard internal regulator, 23.87 Hz

The above image of the ZM5, 285 Hz a much smoother switching frequency