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Breaking News: May 2024 - We now have a Version 2 of the ZM6, the main feature is current limiting, so in the event of either an external or internal overtemp the unit will degrade the output until the temperature comes within range. Check out the video at https://youtu.be/vRNjSprNhCA

We have managed to hold prices and if you want to upgrade your Version 1, give us a call and discuss an upgrade path

The Smart Regulator range of ZM4, ZM5 and now the new ZM6  released in August 2022.

Smart Regulator provides 19 years of experience and hundreds of units in the market place, our first unit went into service in 2005.

A New Zealand designed and manufactured unit, we still repair regulators going back to 2011.

We can refurbish alternators or supply new or overhauled units that we hold in stock.

Thanks to my team, Graeme H, Gorka G, Vaughan M , John H ,and of course myself

For setup instructions or see the unit operating go to You Tube at the following link: https://youtu.be/vRNjSprNhCA

We have over 40+ download drawings/notes to assist with alternator modification for external regulation, or email us with your query.