The ZM4 multi step charger can handle Bulk Absorption and Float stages with ease. The ZM4 smart alternator regulator is ideal for marine/ RV motorhome/ off grid generators and other demanding charging applications

ZM4 Features at a glance

Here’s the dilemma. To charge your battery efficiently, you need a relatively high charging voltage (±14.5 V). But if you stay at that voltage permanently, you will overcharge and damage the battery.

Conversely, if you use a lower charging voltage (<14V) you will prolong the battery life but will take a long time to reach full charge – in some cases you might never actually reach full charge!

The solution is an adjustable, multi-stage voltage regulator for your alternator.

The ZM4 smart charger allows you to configure the optimal charging voltage for your specific battery, and after a set time will automatically switch to a lower ‘healthier’ voltage. The best of both worlds! 

Typically with automotive regulators the battery acid does not get enough charge and this leads to acid stratification, which is where the water separates to the top and the acid settles on the bottom and in a ‘pure’ acid form will attack the battery plates leading to premature battery failure.Charge voltage is probably the single most important factor in charging, as all other factors are related to it.

  • The ZM4 is a multi step alternator regulator.
  • Both N switching  and P switching.
  • Safely charge your batteries to reduce engine run time.
  • Has automatic Bulk,Absorption and Float stages.
  • Cost effective.
  • New Zealand made and supported.
  • Industry leader for warranty support (24 months).
  • Solve your battery charging dilemmas.
  • Dual alternator output capability.
  • Easy adjustment for set voltage.
  • Hundreds in use, spanning 14 year service history.(2004)
  • ZM4 for marine applications
  • ZM4 for RV motorhome applications
  • ZM4 for ground applications
  • Size: 155mm long x 65mm high x 66mm wide.