• ZM5 Smart Regulator
    These units are available in 12 and 24 Volt versions and N or P switching,please stipulate which version you require upon ordering. Complete with installation manual user guide, and buzzer/light and base attachment screws
    NZ$280 plus freight
  • ZM4 Smart Regulator
    We have limited number of refurbished stock of the ZM4 discontinued stock remaining.
    !2 month warranty provided. We pledge to continue support for two years
    NZ$200.00 plus shipping
  • (Special) 12v 90amp refurbished alternator and ZM5
    Refurbished Bosch 12 volt 90 amp alternator, pulley of your choice,with new ZM5 Smart Regulator $450 plus freight
    We have 140 amp alternators too,call for details
  • Bosch 12v 100amp Alternator combination
    Late model high output, dual fan refurbished alternator matched with a ZM5N unit, Single pulley of your choice,$450 plus freight
  • (Special) 24v 55amp Alternator and ZM5 package
    New ZM5 smart regulator and refurbished 24v 55 amp alternator ( pulley of your choice)
    $500.00 + freight
  • New Alternators
    Alternators – New - We can supply new alternators at competitive prices – call with required details
    A popular choice is a BOSCH 12v 120 amp at $475.00
  • Refurbished Alternators
    Alternators – Refurbished - We hold approximately 20 common alternators in stock. alternators have many different foot and adjusting arms, so please be specific about what you require.Call with required details. Our alternators are painted inside and out with corrosion resistant paint, configured for external regulation,brushes,bearings.approx prices 70 amp $160 - 90 amp $180 - 140 amp $280
  • Alternator conversions/repairs
    Alternators – Conversions - We can modify your alternator to disable the internal regulator and configure for external regulation – Cost - $NZ55
  • BM2 Battery Monitor
    We just love these units and hence we are now reselling these units to others. Works on Bluetooth to your smartphone, presents a graph of your battery voltage. Data stored for 31 days,automatically synchronization with your phone when you enter Bluetooth range
    Works with both iOS and Andriod. App software is BM2 $47 + courier
  • ZM5 Installations
    We carry out installations of ZM5 and alternators at your location, $NZ45 per hour
  • Bosch Brush block
    Bosch brush block – ready for external regulation - $NZ49
    We can convert other brands for you too
  • Digital Tachometer ( Temporarily out of stock)
    Digital Tachometer – See downloads page for more information- $NZ50
  • Digital Counter
    Digital Counter - up or down. See download page for more information - $NZ55
  • New Zealand delivery - ZM5
    ZM5 - Courier – NZ non Rural Delivery - $13.00
    ZM5 -Courier – NZ Rural Delivery + $7.00
  • Alternator Delivery NZ
    Alternator – North Island - $20.00 5kg max per ticket
    Alternator – South Island - $40.00 5kg max per ticket
    Alternator - Residential Zone delivery +$3.00

    Digital Tachometer – NZ non Rural Delivery - $5.00
    Digital Tachometer – NZ Rural Delivery - $10.00
  • Overseas Delivery ZM5
    ZM5 – NZ Post – Australia – non tracked -$15.00
    ZM5 -Courier – Australia – East Coast – $35.00
    ZM5 – NZ Post – USA – non tracked -$25.00
    ZM5 -Courier – USA – $60.00

    Other locations, call for a quotation.