Gallery of ZM6 Images

  • ZM6
    Showing the lower connector block spade terminals (6.3mm standard) and base plate mounting holes slotted for convenience.
    Configurable for 12 or 24 volt systems and N or P configured alternators.
  • ZM6 Front view
    Unit can be mounted vertically or horizontal as it suits your installation.
    Case manufactured from 5052 marine grade Aluminum
  • ZM6 Dimensions
    A total width of 167mm x 100mm deep and 45mm height
  • Lower connector block
    Showing lower connector block and voltage adjustor on the left
  • ZM6 top cover decal
    This matt black decal clearly shows all points of interest for ease of setting and seeing which LED's are active during charging operations and in the event of a fault the appropriate LED will illuminate.
  • ZM6 lower connection area
    Showing spade terminals, and main voltage adjuster with FIELD LED in the middle
  • ZM6 upper board
    Showing Absorption time set dip switches and ratio adjuster along with LEDS. you will see the absorption and Float push buttons to toggle between the two stages. also the CLEAR fault button along with over voltage setting and warning LED
  • ZM6 Water proofing Test
    Don't try this at home!
    We wanted to demonstrate that the unit has been treated to protect against water ingress. Unfortunately to get a certified water rating is expensive and a photo tells a 1000 words so here it is, decide for yourself. Thank you Mrs P for the flower vase!
  • ZM6 fuse location for switching either N or P switching alternator
    Unit supplied with one 5 amp fuse which you will locate in correct alternator polarity. We can assist with determining the correct polarity for you if require assistance.
  • ZM6 jumper location to switch between 12 volt and 24 volt systems
    This allows the system working voltage to be either 12 volt or 24 volt systems
  • ZM6 dip switch for selecting Absorption time 0 to 140 minutes in 20 minute increments
    This switch known as a DIP switch allows the user to select the best duration of Absorption voltage for the battery type and battery capacity.
    A sticker on the base of the unit will show switch positions for timing desired
  • Absorption time switch positions
    This label will show the various combinations of switch positions to obtain the desired times
  • Buzzer
    Supplied buzzer/ flashing light for overvoltage / fault warning
    you can fit this or your own buzzer or warning system.
    If no warning buzzer fitted you may not know if the system trips off line other than observing the FIELD LED
  • Ratio setup
    Adjustment of the relationship between Absorption and Float voltage is done here. Once done then any adjustment on the main voltage adjustor then that set ratio will follow. Further instructions in book supplied with the unit or download here
  • Setup points for overvoltage setting
    Using a digital meter probe the GND and OVV points and with the regulator at 14.7 volts adjust the OVV adjustor to between 5.95 and 6.00 volts for a 15.5 volt overvoltage trigger
  • Optional temperature probe
    Unit supplied with 3 metre cable, a 8mm ring terminal for mounting to alternator and 2 x spade terminals for connection to ZM6. Also two calibration resistors set for 50 degrees C ( Battery) or 90 degrees ( alternator)
    Other temperatures can be configured by following instructions in booklet. Longer lengths are available on request. We also provide instructions on making your own temperature probe
  • ZM6 bench testing, 5000 starts
    Field testing of the new ZM6 has seen over 200 starts, with one test switching on and off every 20 seconds at a load of 70 amps. And a further 5000 starts at 20amps. Another test was 250 hours operation pulling 20 amps continuous.