ZM5 Specifications


 12- volt or 24-volt versions available

Polarity types

 “N” or “P” switching versions available

Charging stages

 Bulk – Absorption - Float

Adjustable ratio Absorption to Float

 Yes, adjustable by user (0 to 2 volts)

Factory setting for ratio

 (12v) 0.6 volt - (24v) 1.2 volts

Approximate time at Absorption rate

 90 -100 minutes

Absorption Indicator

 Yellow LED

Float Indicator

 Green LED

Alternator range  

 0-350-amp alternator

Maximum Field current

 25 amps (most alternators are 3-5 amps)

12-volt version voltage adjustment range

 12 to 15.5 volts

Factory setting for voltage regulation

 (12v) 14.7 volts - (24v) 29.4 volts

24-volt version voltage adjustment range

 24 to 31 volts

Reverse polarity protection


Overvoltage protection

 Yes, adjustable by user

Factory setting for overvoltage protection

 (12v) 15.5 volts - (24v) 31 volts

Overvoltage protection

 Shuts off FIELD control

Over temperature protection threshold

 67° C on output MOSFET

Unit size

 155mm long x 58mm high x 66mm wide


 150 grams

Cooling, when temp reaches 38 degrees

 40mm fan ~ only on 24 volt versions

Ignition Fuse

 5 amp, draws 150ma 

Field Fuse

 5 amp, draws up to 5 amps

Battery Fuse

 1 amp, draws 1.5ma