Terms and Warranty

Our Pledge:

We pledge that our items are fit for purpose and are durable and of acceptable quality.
We pledge that items we are selling are fit for their intended purpose and any other particular purposes indicated.
We will ensure items we are selling match the description given.
We will act responsibly and promptly to fix any product faults within a reasonable time after the sale (other than those caused by unreasonable use) or offer a replacement or refund.
We also pledge to provide repair capability in house for the foreseeable future for our ZM4  and ZM5 product line.

Product Liability:

In no event shall we be held liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.


When you purchase off this web site you will be directed to either the Paypal site or Stripe credit card gateway.

[Preferred] If you wish to pay by direct credit our bank details are Westpac Bank Account number 03 - 1560 - 0052559 - 00, this option is not available for offshore payments due high bank charges we incur this end.

Cash is OK too.

Delivery will not occur until payment has been received.

 Warranty Terms:

 Our smart regulators are covered by a 24 month (from date of purchase) warranty on a return to base basis.

We will repair or replace free of charge, freight is not covered under warranty situations.

The warranty does not include damage from incorrect installation.

The warranty is void if the cover is removed or if the unit is tampered with.

If you do have a problem please refer to our User Manual fault finding section. When you do make contact please provide as much information about your installation in order that we can best assist with fault finding.

Refurbished alternators, all our units are tested on an alternator rig, other than workmanship issues we cannot provide warranty on alternators.

Returns Policy

A full refund will be provided to any goods returned to our facility, in their original packaging and within 30 days and if the goods have not been used. If goods  have been used or installed and powered up then a recertification fee of up to 15%,will apply. This is to ensure no damage has occurred during installation and power up.

Shipping expenses, in both directions, are not refundable. A limited time frame of 90 days applies.

If the goods you receive are damaged during shipping we cannot be held responsible for such damage.


The privacy of your customer data, orders are important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party.

Delivery Times

We will use best endeavors to process your order within 1 business day following payment in cleared funds. Payment by online banking cannot be checked until the next business day. We will send you an email notifying you when your order has been shipped. Please allow up to 1-3 days for delivery domestically, or 10 days internationally.